You are currently viewing 3 things that indicate that you are blocked and manipulated by karma, external energies, blockades in life.
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3 things that indicate that you are blocked and manipulated by karma, external energies, blockades in life.

Based on years of experience, the following points are an indication that karma, external energies and UR blockades can have a massive or even life-threatening effect on your relationship, health and job! Most people are unfamiliar with this or it may even scare them, as it is invisible and scary and few people can end karma, foreign energies & base-blockages.

See what applies to you.

These and other similar “symptoms” indicate that something “invisible” is going on that is affecting you and your life.

You could do the following 4 solutions yourself.

1. As a solution that often works

the “forgiveness-karma-dissolving ritual” from gsundsi®
has proven itself. A mixture of Ho’oponopono, forgiveness, acceptance, Access
C., mixed with other healing knowledge. Can be done with or without
soul language. This process is described in more detail in the lecture. This
very useful PDF document can be downloaded for FREE (Klick HERE!) from my homepage. Through
these essential steps of consciousness lasting “healing” of soul, mind and body
can take place.

In my seminars and training courses, this is a very
important part, because it doesn’t matter whether it is alliances with the
devil, soul contracts, karma with mom, dad, neighbor…. Recognition, acceptance,
forgiveness, love are again and again the keys to fundamental and comprehensive
causes and thus “problem” salvation!

The problem mentioned was also very present in my life. Many seminars, many therapists, a lot of money & time were necessary to get out of the external energy, karma, UR blockades, alliance & soul contract manipulation history.

It took a while, but it worked! … and it has paid off, every thousand euros invested in me.

Now life is worth living!

2. In addition, the SOUL LANGUAGE is the original language of all of us

an enormously helpful means to dissolve blockages of all
kinds with clarity, strength or gentleness. Some people speak this Ur language
as in Avatar & Lord of the Rings. It comes out of you very intuitively,
without you knowing what it actually is. This is also a great way to release
deep-seated blockages. People can often do this, but do not know what it is or that this gift is ideal for such topics.


There is also a lot of information about the origin and effect HERE!  This can be very significant and informative.

3. There are also many people who prayed to Jesus, Mary, Archangel Michael, Raphael, and so on

and humbly, full of thanks, asked for deliverance and it
happened. The “invisible” powers of light are Jesus, Raphael, Michael and “God / Source” also play a
very important role in my life!

You are welcome to join our Facebook group or Telegram group to exchange ideas with like-minded people about soul language or your karma & external energy problems and possible solutions. Everyone has different approaches and options for help.

4. Again, blessing is a very helpful habit to turn situations for the GOOD!

Grandpa has made many healings possible, just like business men in executive positions.

In general, it has been noticed over the years that it is very helpful to ask “God” or the “invisible helpers”, Jesus, Mary, Archangels, Adonai Ashtar, Shiva etc. for help, because they are the “specialist staff” for such energies and can make a huge difference …

Doubt, for whatever reason, definitely destroys any success! Even the slightest doubt leads to failure!

100% or 0%. There is nothing in between!

And you ALWAYS BELIEVE, just ask WHAT you BELIEVE !? The faith that sets you free? Or the other thing that keeps you in deficiency & problem !?

If you feel that YOU / your soul wants to advance and want to become “free”, the possibilities mentioned are good, very effective and free.

After many years of experience, I can now call myself an “expert” for all the energies mentioned from the Since Fiction area, things from Harry Potter, Lord of the Rings, Star Gate & Avatar … When these UR blockages, karma & foreign energies are deleted from you your life will also change for the “good”.

If the above solutions are NOT sufficient and you want “MORE”, then my offers with the “König-Breuss-gsundsi® method” are made for this. In my premium programs you will learn in 8 weeks to clear the most important areas with the associated karma, external energy & base blockages! The effect is incredible!

Take a look at the videos on my homepage so that you can get a feel for my work. If YOU feel good, resonate, trust, hope, a spark of possibility appears, then fill out the quick test!

If everything is already clear to you and you know what you want, then book your clarity talk

The solution is NEAR, that you become free from all the karma, external energy, UR blockages and experiences from this life in order to finally live the well-deserved life in joy, strength, health, clarity, success and self-empowerment!

For YOUR Live in joy, success, strengh and self-empowerment!

I am delighted when my years of experience bring you the
hoped-for change in your life!

Best regards, 

Michael Koenig-Breuss

Your expert for SOUL LANGUAGE, liberation from karma, External energy & UR blockades as well as self-empowerment!