Get rid of Side effects after Corona/COVID vaccination, PCR-Test´s & SHEDDING!

Also called Long-COVID & Post Vac Syndrome!

Want to feel better in 30 minutes?

Here's how, at best, your CORONA vaccine, PCR-Test & SHEDDING side effects can be a thing of the past, in just 30 minutes!

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A lot has happened since 2020, and you are now dealing with the side effects and consequences of COVID vaccinations or even the PCR-tests.

Maybe you have put your body through too much. Maybe you did trust the “wrong people & media”?

No one listens to you, no one believes you about your CORONA vaccine damage and everyone just appeases you – NO ONE could help you so far! You are desperate!

Our clients are body-aware people who have become distrustful and tired of being told by “officials” what is good for them and their bodies. You get the chance to correct the consequences and side effects of CORONA vaccinations.

The goal is to take back your personal well-being. You bring the awareness, otherwise you wouldn’t be here!

You want a solution?

Use the COVID-vaccination-drainage-VIDEO!

No risk - Huge opportunity - Costs minimal!

…You did NOT have the the COVID vaccination, but have problems SINCE the COVID19-PCR-tests??? Then click BUY PCR-test-cleansing-VIDEO! The information, background an clearing process is similar to the vaccination!

Turn the wheel back?

You followed everything you were told.

COVID vaccination was sold to us as safe. The voluntary offer almost became a compulsion. 

You – like many others – had your reasons: be it work, vacation, or visiting loved ones.

You believed the people in charge, followed everything, and still: you feel: you are worse today.

  • You feel worse than before the vaccination? Heart problems, breathing problems, joint pain, headache, shaking, brain fog…?
  • You are afraid what will happen to you?
  • You know friends, acquaintances and colleagues who also feel bad or have even died?
  • You are now worried about your health and in the worst case you don’t want to find yourself in the section “Suddenly and unexpectedly deceased”, “sudden death”?

Here you will get some help to get better again.

We can’t turn back the clock, but we can show you how you can, in the best case get rid of your vaccine side effects and symptoms.

Terrible news about censorship, lying, suffering and dead people worldwide!

Your problem - we have the solution!
Your body doesn't want toxins, it needs support to get rid of them.

You have seen the terrible news like this about the lying behind COVID, the censorship, the money flow, the sick and dying people?

YOU realise, it was NOT good for you, to do what you were told and get the shot.

You realize: I have to do something!

The vaccination poisons your body, therefore: get rid of the stuff!
How to do it? 

Is there anything against it?             YES!
Something that works fast and is affordable?             YES!

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How 2020 the COVID19-PCR-testing & vaccination project started

It started during a remote treatment via zoom in the fall of 2020 in the head – throat area of a Tyrolean client, when a black square was seen by the therapist, Michael König-Breuss. It turned out that this is a “nano-chip“, which is there since the PCR test and unfolded its negative effect. Immediately after that, the first “educational video” about it was created, which generated an enormous amount of attention. 10,000 views on YouTube, many clients, many trained therapists, YouTube & Facebook warnings, deletions….

The client had since the PCR test.

  • Suicidal thoughts, depression
  • Headaches & migraines
  • Meaninglessness in life, could no longer meditate & concentrate
  • Saw darkness in her head instead of light before
  • Felt disconnected from God/Source etc.

AFTER the energetic removal (20 min.) from one to the next second suddenly LIGHT was in the head and all problems were gone in the same second! After that she never had problems again.

Dozens followed this treatment by Michael König-Breuss with the same effect! Nurses, therapists, secretaries, employees, self-employed, young, retired, women & men from Austria, Germany, Switzerland, Holland, Italy, Spain, Brazil, Africa, USA.

It is the same with COVID vaccination!

Energy that gives you something!

The Koenig-Breuss-gsundsi® method

Michael König-Breuss-Corona Heiler

Michael König-Breuss has been an energetic therapist – healer since 2006. Even his grandfather was a healer. Michael has the ability to significantly alleviate symptoms and especially those that have arisen in the last two and a half years, and in the best case, eliminate them altogether.

He has helped many people with problems, brought on by PCR testing & COVID vaccination, since the fall of 2020. These were people with enormously distressing physical, emotional and mental symptoms & problems.

Depression, aggression, suicidal thoughts, headaches, migraines, meaninglessness in life, inner darkness and restlessness, being cut off from the source, sweating, trembling and many more were symptoms that could be solved. These things and the health problems associated with them were largely gone afterwards.

Michael’s endeavor is that with his help and his gifts, people can be freed from their vaccination symptoms and can live “normally” again.

In addition he is expert in KARMA clearing and teacher for SOUL LANGUAGE!

Don't leave your health to chance

WHAT DO YOU HAVE TO DO if you want to take advantage of this opportunity?

Life wont wait-COVID Video Impfausleitung jetzt
  1. Make a decision for a better life NOW!
  2. Follow the link below!
  3. Pay an individual “cost contribution”!
  4. Leave your email address to which you will be sent the VIDEO link!
  5. Watch the video!
  6. You can do this several times!

About 80% of people felt significant changes after the first time they saw it! 


Info-VIDEO - 2 minutes

DETAIL-Info-VIDEO - 10 minutes

References / Feedback

Your decision for a better life!


NO Risk - Costs minimal!

YOUR Chance - USE it NOW!

This is NOT a guarantee and NOT a promise of a cure! It is only a chance for improvement! Previous results are not a guarantee of present results. There can be no 100% guarantee of the hoped for effect for every person, because every person is different, the symptoms have spread differently, the consciousness, the belief, the original life plan, the life situation, the will to live of every client is different. This can not replace treatment by a doctor / alternative practitioner.

You like more "Conspiracy Theory" Background Info?

And there are still 1000de reports more! The “swamp” is much deeper than one would like to believe!

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PCR Test Micro Chip
Der gechipte Mensch
Mini Chip Auf Fingerkuppe