Effectively dissolve bad karma

You’ve probably heard that “bad karma” is often blamed colloquially when things don’t go so well in life, either for a short time or for a longer period. Only a few people know that behind this phrase there is something concrete that influences our life – in a good and bad way. But together we can dissolve your bad karma to make your life more positive in the future and to give you more quality of life.

Good Karma – Bad Karma

Originally the term “karma” comes from Buddhism and describes a kind of law between a certain cause and its effect. The idea of karma is that everything we do, say or think has an effect. If the deed or thought is characterized by bad energy, this will also affect the consequence – if, on the other hand, we do something good, good things will happen to us. Thus good and also bad karma arises. However, karma – whether good or bad – is not fixed, it can be dissolved. This happens, for example, through targeted energy work or through your own behavior.


We are not all good people around the clock – that is quite natural. Sometimes we’re just miserable, we’re stressed by the job, everyday life or we’re simply having a bad day. Misbehavior is sometimes preprogrammed. It is only human that sometimes “negative vibes” emanate from us – but these then also hit us back. If we cannot dissolve bad karma, we get into a negative spiral from which we can no longer escape: We receive bad energies and then also send out just such energies again, which in turn falls back on us. This can lead to blockages that weigh heavily on our inner being and can affect our entire life.

Old burdens from past times

In Buddhism and Hinduism, the subject of rebirth plays a central role. The teachings state that our karma does not necessarily come from this life alone, but perhaps from a previous one that may date back thousands of years. Now we cannot travel into the past. But we can connect to energies or forces that are causing us problems in the now. Light language, also called soul language, is the key to this.

I would like to actively support you and accompany you on this fascinating journey.

This is how bad karma can manifest

Sometimes it happens: No matter what we touch and try – it goes wrong. Such a “streak of bad luck” – whether small things fail or big problems occur – can indicate bad karma. There are even more warning signs that negative energy potencies are roaming your subtle body (astral body) and you are burdened with bad karma. In this case it is also called “heavy karma”. Alarm signals can be the following:

  • You have the feeling that you just can’t get ahead despite all your efforts.
  • You constantly suffer setbacks, in your private life as well as in your professional life.
  • In your interpersonal life there are always problems or you generally have difficulties to build up a (love) relationship.
  • There is always a crisis in the family.
  • You feel constantly criticized and blamed and have the impression that you can’t do anything right.
  • You have pain, but don’t know exactly where it comes from or what the cause could be. Doctors can’t help you either.
  • You feel constant inner pressure and discomfort.

How we can dissolve your heavy karma

Don’t worry: heavy karma is not an inevitable fate. There are certain methods you can use to dissolve negative karma and cleanse your chakras. For example, with the help of light language.

Schweres Karma kann aus weit zurückliegenden Leben stammen – heute können wir es aber auflösen.

Soul language to release your karma

Based on my years of experience as a therapist and healer with a focus on karma and related issues, I have the gift to see when something is attached to you that is harming you. Through soul language, light language, or primal language, I can connect to it and release it from you.

Challenges are part of our everyday life. High demands at work, relationship problems with partner or family in private, physical ailments, financial worries or simply “world-weariness” – all this points to bad karma. Much of what happens to us in the here and now arises from a life before the current one. There is a persistent misconception in society that karma cannot be dissolved or changed. However, this is possible with soul language.

Soul language: What is it and how can it be used to dissolve karma?

Many don’t know, but soul language is basically the primordial language of humanity. The special thing about it: It always sounds different, depending on who it is addressed to. One can communicate in this language with everything: with people, plants or even forces. Thus, this form of communication can also connect us with all the lives we have led on earth in the past. It is precisely this that enables us to dissolve heavy karma.

An example: You suffer from pain that you cannot explain – and neither can your doctor.

It is not uncommon for people to suffer from physical pain and be sent from doctor to doctor, undergo numerous examinations, but no one can find a cause. Such unexplained pains may have their origin in a life before this one, which reflects on the present one. Pain is then located in a place where the former self was injured at that time. One – if not the only – way to get rid of the discomfort in that case is to communicate in soul language with the former self in order to clarify the corresponding conflict.

With the help of soul language you can connect to thousands of years of past problems and dissolve your karma. Thus reduce your karma …

  • … with your father, who abused you as a child.
  • … with your boss who constantly bullies you.
  • … with your husband who drives you crazy.
  • … with your pain, which you feel permanently.
  • … with a certain place (a city, a country, a house) where you just never feel comfortable.

Soul language is the solution to burdens and problems whose cause you can’t find. Every time I speak in soul language, a light, an enormous energy flows through me. This makes not only me shine, but also you as my counterpart. Through the sound of this language comes the light. It also reaches forces that want to do you harm and can resolve conflicts that exist with these forces.

Resolve karma to avoid bad decisions

In many areas of our lives, karma can influence us unnoticed – whether it’s choosing a partner or deciding on a particular job. For us it is often not recognizable why we decide for one thing and against another. It is not always in ourselves – but that is exactly how it should be. However, karma can unfortunately also lead us to (mis)decisions. An example: We are in a happy partnership and suddenly meet a person to whom we feel strongly attracted. Often, however, it is not our destiny to be with this person. It may be that the two souls, ours and the other person’s, were connected in a past life. Now these souls meet again in the present, one suddenly feels a deep connection to this person and comes to the supposed realization that the current relationship can no longer work. This can be a hasty judgment and can be related to karma. In order to be able to dissolve this ancient connection and decide on a partnership with the right person, soul language is the right way.

If you use soul language to dissolve karma before you go head over heels for a new person, before you take a job, before you move and then realize that the initial fascination was just karma – you can save a lot of time and money and protect yourself from emotional disappointment.

Let me also improve your concrete karmic situation with soul language. Get involved in this experience and walk your personal life path liberated and completely unbiased.

For this purpose I offer coursespersonal treatments, and audio as well as video material.

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