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Please make an appointment for each interview! 1) Your "Know Yourself" conversation
2) Seminar, course, treatment ...

  1. In the “Know Yourself” conversation, we can easily get an impression of where you are, WHAT is blocking you and how you personally should best proceed.

2) For seminars & courses: 8 areas of life transformation-course / MINI transformation-course / SOUL LANGUAGE …, as well as individual sessions, release of the problems of PCR test / COVID vaccination, ALPHA & OMEGA water etc. please write the subject in the request!

Please select the desired DATE in the calendar. You will then receive a confirmation email.

Call at the agreed time by phone or telegram to talk about how you can achieve your goals with our help.

Call duration approx. 45 Min. (free of charge)

If you are prevented, please cancel or change the appointment!