Current events !!!

1. You feel stuck in life, health, relationship, business... Strange engerys are holding you back?

2. You want to learn the Soul Language / Light Language / Talking in tongues?

3. Since PCR test's & COVID vaccination, you are down?
You are getting worried of all "sudden death" around you and want to get the stuff out again?

Despite many seminars, treatments and work on yourself, do you still feel karma, external energy, blockages, fear or a feeling of being manipulated?

Do you notice that something inexplicable is in your way and is preventing you from moving further towards clarity, strength, self-empowerment and success?

Since the PCR test's & COVID vaccination you notice disturbing changes in you!?

You want to finally "untie the knot", no matter what it is and do everything necessary for YOUR life in clarity, strength, success, strength and self-empowerment ?!

The COVID-vaccination & COVID19-PCR-test side effects should be OUT, before it´s to late?!

With my unusual way of working, "König-Breuss-gsundsi® method". A mixture of soul language, forgiveness, grandpa's healing knowledge, powers of light and much more, I was able to help many people to free themselves from foreign energies, karma, blockages and fears and thus finally to make room for clarity , Trust in God, being guided, lightness, strength, self-empowerment and success.
My customers also have tremendous success with PCR testing & Covid vaccine discharges through treatments & VIDEOS.

With the help of the transformation VIDEOS, Michael’s clients are achieving tremendous success with PCR test & Covid vaccine discharges!


"If you want to start NEW, you should do so immediately,
for one difficulty overcome avoids a hundred new ones! " – Confucius

“A back and forth makes the pockets empty” – Mugrauer

"Do it right away, then it´s done" – Michael

Take the quick test "Liberation from karma, external energy & UR blockades as well as self-empowerment" NOW, so that possible causes of your problems can be identified energetically, spiritually, financially, interpersonal and where you want to go with YOUR life.

This condition analysis helps YOU and me to see whether, how and what is feasible and expedient.

Do you notice that you are not getting any further in life?

Karma, external energy, blockades, fear, black magic, extraterrestrials, Atlantis trauma or bad childhood experiences block you.

You realize that you have not recognized something ... which, however, would bring the solution! You have already tried everything and spent thousands of euros on:

Family constellations, regression, shamans, NLP, coaching, silent retreat, dowser etc. and still you are still stuck?

Despite all your efforts, you are moderately satisfied or dissatisfied professionally and privately and you feel that it cannot go on like this, you don't want to continue until the end.

Money, health, age, inner unrest, partnership, living situation, children, parents-in-law or a look in the mirror lets you feel that a change HAS to be made?

In my Programms, Seminars, Videos & Treatments , I can help YOU, as well as hundreds of other spiritual open people, therapists, healers, clairvoyants with the "König-Breuss-gsundsi® method", to dissolve karma, external energies, base-blockages, resonances, fears and much more.

You will feel that you have now recognized important connections, how dark and light forces work and how you can control them! The fear of the dark / devil / evil and their interference is gone! You will see how everything is correct, everything is “on schedule” and how you can contribute YOUR part to the solution for you and your customers. You will be protected, accompanied, guided and work very successfully for the highest good of your fellow human beings. You will have a lot more confidence in your work, because even in “hopeless” situations you often know a solution or it will come to you.

Your benefits & Your possibilities

You feel lighter, brighter, free of fear, anger, physical-emotional & soul pain. Feel NEW born...

Your heart is open, full of trust and inner peace and made peace with people you had problems with.

Know how to solve karma, foregin energies, fear, magic, water veins, 5G, alian problems and so on.

Your base-blockades since the beginning of creation are released and are now “free” to work creatively successfully

You get praise and recognition from customers for the solutions that you can now bring about!

You have trust in the divine plan & guidance, you feel strength, clarity, self-determination, you are successful and give full throttle!

Customer testimonials

Who is Michael König-Breuss ?

Michael König-Breuss is THE expert for soul language / light language / talking in tongues as well as liberation from karma, external energies, fear, black magic, childhood trauma and base-blockages. With the "König-Breuss-gsundsi® method" he helps spiritually open people, therapists and coaches to dissolve stressful karma, external energies of all kinds as well as base-blockages and self-doubts. He teaches them to do this themselves and enables them to build up their inner strength, as well as using their spiritual gifts for themselves and clients, for a life of clarity, power, success, strength and self-empowerment. It´s successes are truly evident.

The healer grandpa has established a basic understanding of energies, beings and powers and their destructive or healing effects. Also when healings may or may not happen! How powers of light support work or make it possible in the first place.

By “chance” I was led from dowsing to redeeming earthbound souls in 2005, from there to black magic & curses, then to foreign energies, chips, seals and extraterrestrials in houses and in people.

Then to nature beings like dwarfs, elves, unicorns and dragons, then to KARMA and “God's plan - soul plan” where the cause of the problem has ALWAYS been located. The SOLUTION resulted through knowledge, LOVE, forgiveness, soul language and “God's helper”!

Coincidence or “God's Plan”? In any case, I am now one of the few people who can bring about real comprehensive, fundamental, final solutions with such energies as karma, foreign energies & UR blockages!

The soul language / original language / light language is an enormously helpful tool, without it the successes would not be possible. The work is only possible with the support and guidance of the powers of light, angels, etc., because they are the “technical experts” who do things about which I know nothing, neither name nor existence.

All in all weird, like Harry Potter, The X-Files Mulder & Scully, Avatar, Star Trek ... and yet our daily reality. If solutions are found there, the effects are lasting and goal-oriented. This is my offer for YOU!

Do you really want to be free from foreign energies, karma, base blockades, fears, manipulation, aggression, frustration and self-doubt?

Are you running out of patience, zest for life, energy and money? Is it enough now?

Would you like to live your life in clarity, trust in God, being guided, lightness, courage, strength and success?

Then use the opportunity now for your free

Know yourself conversation

You will get clarity about:

Soul language – Light language - primal language, for healing and heart opening!

... liberation from karma, external energy & base-blockades for YOUR self-empowerment

Use this group and help each other to say goodbye to karma, foreign energies, base-blockades, fears & doubts in order to welcome clarity, power, success, strength and self-empowerment!

Every Mon. at 8:00pm is a LIVE talk on these topics with cleansing/liberation soul language meditation!

The group "Guru" Michael, is now an "international expert" for soul language and liberation from karma and foreign energies 🙂

It would be great if this group creates plenty of "gurus" and "experts",
who actively shape the change in the world 🙂

Be part of the group, to be the first to know important news for YOUR spiritual "upgrade"!